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The ASOCIACIÓN DE GRADUADOS EN CRIMINALÍSTICA DE LA REPÚBLICA ARGENTINA, with his foundator and actual vicepresident, Lic. Raúl Enrique Zajaczkowski, and independent criminalistic investigator, especializad in violented crimes, who has his own laboratory in Posadas City, capital de of Misiones, in the Argentina Republic; is a permanent promotor of the Criminalistic and Forensic Sciences, have the target to obtain that judges y magistrates of justice, have a clear information of as they are the possibilities of resorting to it, like must do it, in that can serve the recurrence to him to the specialists and allow the total participation of the experts when the facts require of their intervention.
The adecquated information in subjects related to Criminology, Biochemistry, Industrial or Inorganic Chemistry, Serology, Statistical Evaluation, Anthropology, DNA, Forensic Odontolgy, Organic Fluids, Forensic Medicine, Dangerous Drugs, Toxicology, Ballistics, Computers applied to the Criminology, Explosives, Documentology, Accidentology (Car Accidents), Digital Impressions, Ocular Inspection, Photography Perices (Skills), Forensic Entomology, Bibliography and other diverse relatives with them, will allow to know to the lawyers and specialists in laws, that parts or portions of science are to reach with respect to the explanation of cases raised in justice.
It is already known that today a judicial process is not conceived, without the participation of specialists in criminology in some of the matters that is made up, due to the amplitude of the knowledge that requires its application, it is for that reason that the criminalistic experts have been specialized of way so, that it exists a so interesting amplitude that is impossible that is not counted on one in certain specialty.
It is for that reason that the objectives are to obtain a permanent communication with the specialists of the Ibero and Latin America Association, to count with a total information on Criminalistics contents and other compatible with Forensic Sciences, and to be forming a complete data bank that allows to give the adecquated information to those who requires it as lawyers, judges, insurance agencies, companies, etc.
The possibility of obtaining a fluid and direct communication between the criminalistics and another relatives professionals to interchange opinions and to obtain a successfull data bank with correct information, will be some of the constants target of the next pages, of which you, our reading colleage, can be part of it, if you desire so.